Lightning Protection Systems

A lightning protection system is designed to protect structures from the destructive effects of lightning strikes by detecting and diverting electrical surges and ensuring effective risk prevention measures are in place.

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What Is A Lightning Protection System

A lightning protection system, in strict compliance with established regulations, plays a crucial role in safeguarding structures from the devastating consequences of lightning strikes.

In a world where lightning-related disasters can have far-reaching and devastating consequences, the integration of such systems is a paramount element of modern building safety protocols.

In the UK, lightning protection systems are regulated by a combination of Building Regulations and British Standards (BS EN 62305). These regulations emphasise the importance of risk assessment, protection zone classification, proper installation, and regular maintenance of lightning protection systems.

It’s crucial for competent professionals to install and survey these systems, and compliance with industry guidelines is essential to ensure building safety against lightning-induced setbacks.


Why Do I Need A Lightning Protection System

A lightning protection system is crucial for property owners and businesses alike. Firstly, it acts as a shield against the destructive power of lightning strikes. Without such a system, lightning can cause fires, structural damage, and harm to electrical and electronic systems, leading to costly repairs or even the loss of property. By investing in lightning protection, you safeguard your assets and mitigate these potential risks.

Lightning-induced damages and electrical surges can pose life-threatening risks to residents. Having a system in place minimises these dangers, ensuring a safer environment for everyone in and around the property.

At Firntec, we specialise in lightning protection solutions, with our expertise in risk assessment, surveying, and consultancy, we ensure the utmost protection for your property and its occupants.

Our commitment to compliance with industry regulations and surge protection offers peace of mind during stormy weather.

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