PIB Fire Safety Plans

A Premises Information Box (PIB) should be provided in all high-rise residential buildings. This box contains various documents related to the building in question or in the event of a fire, it will be used by firefighters, so they understand how to assess the situation they are dealing with.

Premises Information Boxes are required to provide up-to-date information to aid firefighters in the emergency evacuation or rescue of people with mobility, cognitive or sensory impairment. The PIB needs to include what is called the Emergency Response Pack (ERP). The ERP should include:

What Should the Emergency Response Pack Include?

  • Log Book for recording the event associated with the PIB
  • An 'Off The Run' notice that details any non-operational fire safety equipment
  • Orientation Plan, showing the location of the building in relation to surrounding buildings and water supplies for firefighting equipment such as; hydrants, wet riser supplies, etc. Building layout plans showing the internal layout and up-to-date floor plans
  • Summary of information useful to the Fire & Rescue Service on arrival at the incident
  • A simple layout of plans showing facilities of particular relevance to operational firefighting
  • Personal Rescue Emergency Plans (PREPs) for residents with mobility, cognitive or sensory impairment
  • A list and description of significant fire safety issues such as; compartmentation, external wall systems or other issues which may effect the behaviour of the fire
  • A description of the current fire strategy e.g, stay put policies, simultaneous evacuation

It is down to the accountable person to ensure the PIB is maintained and inspected by a competent person so that there is reduced risk of faults in the instance of a fire.

There are recommended review processes that include:

  • Post-incident checks
  • Monthly checks
  • Annual checks

For more information on these checks, can be found in our blog ‘
Premises Information Boxes Explain

Premises information Box

The PIB Plan will include each and every floor of the building within the plan. It is crucial this information is correct and kept up-to-date by the accountable person in order for the firefighters to deal with the building and fire correctly and efficiently. 

What does a PIB Floor Plan look like?

To the right is an example of how one should look. The key on the plan will include some of the following:

  • Main Access Point
  • Secondary Access Point
  • Final Exit Signage
  • PIB Location
  • Fire Fighting Shaft
  • Dry/Wet Riser Inlet
  • Gas/Electric Isolation Points
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Sprinkler/Water Isolation Points

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