Building Safety Case

The purpose of a Building Safety Case is to ensure that those accountable for buildings adopt a consistent and proactive approach to managing safety risks. A Building Safety Case encompasses comprehensive information pertaining to general, fire, and structural safety, specifically tailored to Higher-Risk Buildings. Once established, the Building Safety Case is regularly updated and condensed into a Safety Case Report, which is then submitted to the Building Safety Regulator.

Which buildings need to complete a Building Safety Case 
The implementation of Building Safety Case applies to high-rise buildings, specifically those exceeding 18 meters in height or consisting of seven or more storeys and containing at least two residential units. The requirements also extend to care homes and hospitals that meet the criteria of being 18 meters tall or having seven storeys. 
Why have Building Safety Cases been introduced?
The Building Safety Act 2022, introduced to parliament in July 2021 and in force since April 1st, 2023, is a crucial response to the need for reform in building safety legislation, especially following the tragic Grenfell Tower incident in 2017, which claimed the lives of 72 individuals. These reforms were proposed by Dame Judith Hackitt in her review of fire safety and building regulations as part of the Grenfell enquiry.

Building Safety Case vs Building Case Report

On this page we have mentioned both Building Safety Cases and Building Safety Case Reports, but what’s the difference?

A Building Safety Case encompasses the consolidation of pertinent information and supporting evidence required to effectively managethe risks associated with fire spread and structural safety within a building. It serves as a compelling, easily understandable, and substantiated argument that demonstrates the building’s safety

The Building Safety Case Report provides a condensed overview of the safety case, presenting the evidence, while also documenting the progress made in accordance with the safety management plan. It highlights the primary fire and structural hazards associated with the building and demonstrates the measures taken to manage these risks to the best extent possible.

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