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A Construction Fire Consultancy Webinar

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Wednesday 27th March
10:00 – 11:30am

Join our insightful webinar on the integration of fire safety in construction engineering. We’ll explore the collaboration between fire safety engineers and design teams, the role of fire safety across RIBA construction stages, and address challenges in new and renovated buildings.

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On the day we will be joined by key speakers who will share their insight and knowledge on the topics of:

  1. The Role of Fire Safety in Construction Design:
    How fire safety consultants work with design teams to integrate fire safety without compromising architectural vision, focusing on the development of Fire Strategies for building approval.
  2. Navigating RIBA Stages with Fire Safety in Mind:
    An overview of incorporating fire safety measures through all stages of construction as outlined by RIBA, emphasising strategic definition, preparation, concept design, and beyond.
  3. Challenges and Solutions in Fire Safety for Construction Projects:
    Discussing common challenges in ensuring fire safety in new constructions and renovations, including dealing with listed buildings, and showcasing tailored, cost-effective solutions.
  4. Providing Responsible persons with the means to confirm they have the information required under the revised Reg 38.

Webinar Highlights

Keynote Speakers

Kieran McCann
Senior Sales Team Leader


Kieran has almost 6 years’ experience with working in the Public and Private sector in the account manager role, handling large projects for the likes of Universities, NHS, District Councils and Housing Associations.

He has recently overseen projects across the board when it comes to the Building safety and specifically the Building Safety Case in the Lead up to April’s start date. Kieran is currently assisting a wide range of organizations in understanding the requirements of the Safety case and what the BSR is likely to require when the review process is in place.


Michael Smith  
RIBA DipArch BA (Hons) 
Director and Practice BIM Manager 
Bailey Partnership 


Mike Smith is a multi-faceted professional at Bailey Partnership where he thrives as an accomplished architect, director, and practice BIM manager. His diverse skill set combines a strong technical background in architecture with a passion about technology and Building Information Modeling (BIM). Throughout his career, he has consistently made significant contributions to the industry, leaving a lasting impact. 
Recently, Mike has actively immersed himself in projects adhering to the new Building Safety Act legislation. This has provided him with a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between theoretical BIM knowledge and real-world application, ultimately contributing to enhanced building safety measures. 
Driven by a passion for leveraging technology to improve the built environment, Mike consistently demonstrates his expertise and experience. He is a valuable asset not only to the Bailey Partnership team but also to the broader industry, where his dedication and innovation shine brightly. 

George Stevenson  
Managing Director

George works with building owners to reduce financial, statutory and operational risks by means of more reliable and constantly updated information – including utilisation and performance. He has developed processes to simplify the specification and capture of Asset Data from BIM and surveys, transforming the data into an environment that supports ISO 19650 and BS8644. He is also developing technology-supported processes that capture which products are installed and where and how they should be commissioned and maintained.​

George leads the “Golden Thread” developments to create the Digital Record for several residential housing associations on both new-builds and existing portfolios. This includes the creation of low-cost “digital twins” to act as live safety case management solutions that are integrated with other applications.​

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